Developer Docs

Welcome to the PyroCMS Developer manual. If you are a PHP developer interested in developing for PyroCMS, then you have come to right place!

Why Develop for PyroCMS?

First of all, you might be wondering what is so great about developing for PyroCMS?


  • is built on CodeIgniter
  • is built with logically structured, clean code
  • provides structures for your add-ons (modules, widgets, and plugins)
  • provides tools to speed up development (PyroCache, Events, Permissions)
  • has a well-documented control panel UI structure
  • has a large (and growing) user base

Whether you want to create modules for your own projects, or create things the PyroCMS community can use, PyroCMS allows you to build out custom functionality while taking advantage of an established CMS framework. The rest of the developer documentation will walk you through the specifics.


To be effective at developing with PyroCMS, you should have a working knowledge of CodeIgniter, which is the PHP framework that PyroCMS is built on. Luckily, CodeIgniter is straightforward and not difficult to pick up. You can download CodeIgniter and read the documentation at

Getting Started

You will need a copy of PyroCMS to develop with. Grab a copy of PyroCMS from GitHub, where you can either get the master branch (which is always the latest stable release) or the develop branch, which is where new features are developed and tested. You can also simply download PyroCMS, but we recommend cloning it to your local machine so you can pull down changes easily.